So I started this blog as part of a course in Learning, Technology, and Design through University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The course is LTEC 647E- Learning With Emerging Technologies: Critical Trends. I am very excited to be taking this course and pleased with content and discussions thus far. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in Indigenous Politics & Alternative Futures and considering beginning concurrent enrollment in the online MEd in LTEC.

I really enjoy the design of the course as being primarily collaborative project based and all around case studies. Being introduced to the broad range of educational technology tools and trends through this course and having the opportunity to focus on creative and clear implementation plans in this structured format is great.

I bring to this course a very critical perspective of both education and technology (in the industrial civilization, extraction-based, sense of the word) and also major transformative vision regarding society and this world from where I am writing. I believe EdTech is a major part of the positive transformation myself and myriad others seek, but considering a grand scope of concerns regarding capitalism (1), colonialism (2), ecocide (3), education (4) and society, I tend to look toward all the terrible and fascist implications or possibilities of various EdTech implementations and to issue warnings and wonderings regarding all of that. I am in the process of trying to articulate and imagine healthy and wondrous implementations of said EdTech toward a world in which many worlds fit and where the 7th generation is always at the forefront of intention. If you see my writing-in-progress, “Playing to LIVE, Not Living to Pay: Abolishing/Decolonizing Education and Cultivating (Under)Commons [Preliminary Notes v1.0],” it should give, hopefully, a pretty good idea of where I am coming to this course from.

Oh ya and…the ET & Me image is great because it sums up my thoughts on space travel and colonization that may be contrary to the popular Manifest Destiny in space trajectory, fueled by the same mining industry that is so integral to the rare earth materials involved in the majority of Ed Tech…I don’t think humans should expand into colonization of the cosmos or other planets unless it is that we travel to those places with the explicit consent of the people there and we demonstrate a complete reversal of ecocidal behaviors on “Earth.”





Dead Prez – They Schools (2003) from Kasur ApKts on Vimeo.

[full book available for free here]


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